VÉlos electriques, pour enfants, loisirs et sportifs

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UGS SPATZWINDSOCK Catégories , Étiquette

Couvre-Chaussures Spatzwear Aéro

Made for when Legalz are too warm. Made for when you need protection from the elements and immunity from the wind. Made for the race.

Waterproof, sleek fitting, taped and bonded main panels with a super aerodynamic lycra leg section.

Integrated, woven-in silicone grippers stick to your calves like glue.

Strategically positioned seams right where you need them. Designed to make the most of the wind and ensure race-long comfort.

Flat stitching around the foot to lay seamlessly against your shoe. Make the wind work for you.

Bonded-in side panel developed to smooth-out turbulence over your shoe ratchet / boa fasteners.

No velcro. No fasteners. Simply put them on before your shoes.

49,99  TVAC