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Gants Pinarello Speed Think Asymetric

 Pinarello Think Asymmetric Speed Gloves

The Pinarello Think Asymmetric Speed Gloves are light and breathable gloves with an anatomic cut that facilitates the movement of the hands. The particular construction of the palms offers an excellent touch with the handlebars.


  • Preformed anatomic construction
  • Silicone thermally printed inside the cuff for the perfect compression-free grip
  • Palm with nonslip anatomic grip


Think Asymmetric

Think Asymmetric is more than just an innovative production philosophy inspired by technical and ergonomic research. It’s also a philosophy of life, a way of tackling things by always looking for a different, unique point of view. Think Asymmetric is for people who don’t want to follow the group or fashions, people who stomp on the pedals to break away from anything mundane.


26,20  TVAC