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8bar Mitte Steel V2 Black matt


The 8bar MITTE STEEL is the most robust, reliable and versatile frame that won’t let you down – no matter what kind of roads you want to ride on.

With the MITTE – 2in1 we literally reinvented the wheel – a bike that changes its geometry quickly from a fast road- to a comfortable gravelbike!

The MITTE STEEL v2 – 2in1 – Pro offers you numerous possibilities to be perfectly equipped for the next tour, whether for the future long distance experience or the short micro-adventure around the corner! Even if you spend many hours in the saddle and ride over gravel, forest paths, tarmac or through mud and slush, the 8bar MITTE STEEL v2 will not let you down! It is a multi-purpose bike that is easy to maintain and a reliable companion.


Steel is incredibly versatile – just like the 8bar MITTE! Thanks to its durability, resilience and comfort it is the perfect frame material to meet the needs of commuters, nature lovers and bike packers. The classic and elegant design of the 8bar MITTE STEEL v2 frame is timeless, beautiful and strong at the same time. It comes in three different colours: matt black, silver or deep sea blue metallic. While the frame is made of high quality Reynolds 520 steel, you have the choice of aluminium or carbon for the fork for the MITTE – 3in1 Version.

2.699,00  TVAC